Brandly by Nordcom Group Inc.

the all-in-one brand identity and guidelines platform, developer-friendly and integrates into any stack.

Easy to use

Brandly by Nordcom Group Inc. is the branding platform where you choose how advanced you want to go with the branding. Either keep it simple or go behind the scenes and customize every nitty-gritty detail.

Developer focused

Brandly is a developer first platform meaning you'll never have to touch the GUI or online editor unless you want to. Everything is managble through CLIs, APIs and project repositories. In fact, your brand identity is stored as a git repository and is built using the Open SourceMarkdocformat.

Coming Soon:Brandly is still under heavy development and is at the moment private and accessible through invites only. Keep an eye out onX (Twitter)for updates, announcements and surprise drops of invite-codes that we'll be giving out randomly. Everything here is still subject to change.