Changelog of product and API updates for Brandly by Nordcom Group Inc. and sub-services.

This changelog details both product- and api-facing changes made to Brandly by Nordcom Group Inc. as a platform/service.

Brandly by Nordcom Group Inc. just like the rest of nordcom's services and projects strictly follow semver, in other words major.minor.patch; where major constitutes a breaking change, minor [a] feature change(s) and patch bug fix(es).

semver does not necessarily apply during the pre-public and free-access beta periods. We reserve the right to roll our breaking changes without prior warnings and/or migration periods. When we're passed v1.0.0 we will strictly adhere to semver and always provide a migration path and period between long-term support releases no matter if you're a free open source user or an enterprise customer.

Pre-Public Releases.

Versions before Brandly became fully publically accessible.

Codename Avenyn.

From v0.1.0 to vX.X.X.

Avenyn is in the heart of Gothenburg Sweden and represents inclusivity, hope and pure unadulterated fun. A place for young and eldery alike to express themselves. Exactly the qualities we're aiming to deliver with the first limited-access and proof-of-concept releases of the Brandly by Nordcom Group Inc. platform.

v0.1.0Sep 9th 2023.

Initial developer release of Brandly with development occurring out in the open, publically. This version is a release version while the initial proof-of-concept is developed which doesnt adhear to our standard versioning, a bit similar to a unversiones rolling release. As a result of this the following list may be outdated or even innacurate till we're past this milestone.

  • General application UI.
  • Stubbed content and pricing.
  • Placeholder API routes.
  • Initial incomplete documentation.
Last updated:2023-09-09T00:00:00.000Z
Coming Soon:Brandly is still under heavy development and is at the moment private and accessible through invites only. Keep an eye out onX (Twitter)for updates, announcements and surprise drops of invite-codes that we'll be giving out randomly. Everything here is still subject to change.