Overview of Brandly by Nordcom Inc.'s documentation.

Welcome to Brandly by Nordcom Group Inc's documentation overview. Here you'll find links to everything from guides, specifications and of course general to documentation regarding Brandly as a platform. All to help you integrate it swiftly and perfectly into any system, workflow and organization.

Missing something, have a suggestion or something completely else? If you're already a customer please reach out your Brandly representative otherwise please reach out using the Contact Page or through X (Twitter) with your feedback so we can do our best to improve the documentation.


Meta-documentation and frequently accessed documentation and links.


Documentation for the Brandly platform as a whole.

User Interface.

Getting started to extensive in-depth usage guides. Use these documentation entries to supercharge your and your organization's Brandly usage.


Various ways to interface and access Brandly by Nordcom Group Inc. programmatically and with other services through integrations.


Looking to integrate Brandly into an exisiting service or platform through a prebuilt integration or by building your own custom? Then these documents and guides are what you're looking for.


Interface with Brandly using GraphQL, our first-class-citizen API.


Programmatically manage your account, settings, user access and connected services through our Admin REST API.

The Admin REST API is planned for the v1.0.0 release. Keep an eye out for more information and relates updates.

Open Source.

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Coming Soon:Brandly is still under heavy development and is at the moment private and accessible through invites only. Keep an eye out onX (Twitter)for updates, announcements and surprise drops of invite-codes that we'll be giving out randomly. Everything here is still subject to change.