Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQ and Q&As about Brandly by Nordcom Group Inc and related services.


Questions related to Brandly as a whole.

Q: How much does Brandly cost?

A: The price of Brandly by Nordcom Group Inc. varies based on project, team and organization size and whether or not you need access to certain features (e.g. SSO and SAML). You can find out more on the pricing page.

Q: I am a maintainer of an Open Source project, can I use Brandly for free?

A: Yes! Sign up using the Hobby tier and select open source during account creation. nordcom ❤️ open source!


How Brandly helps your brand.


Grow your E-Commerce business.

Q: How can I leverage Brandly to elevate my Shopify store's brand identity?

A: We have built a completely free-to-use Shopify app that works with regular and headless Shopify stores, you can learn more on the Shopify Integration page.


Billing and payment related questions.

Q: When do you charge the subscription fee?

A: On the same day each month as when you signed up, get in contacts with us if you need to change the date for tax reasons.

API and Integrations.

Integrate Brandly with any platform.

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Coming Soon:Brandly is still under heavy development and is at the moment private and accessible through invites only. Keep an eye out onX (Twitter)for updates, announcements and surprise drops of invite-codes that we'll be giving out randomly. Everything here is still subject to change.